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City Council business on May 4 – two big items

There are two particularly big items on Monday evening’s City Council agenda.

One is first reading on the City budget for FY 2010. The draft budget is on the City website (there’s a prominent link on the main page), and paper copies are in the public library or available from staff at the municipal building. The City Council also needs to decide whether to fund the school board’s request.

The other hot item is proposed rezoning on the Centennial Village property near Edgemoor Road.  Council approved this on first reading several months back, conditioned on the prospective developer returning with a revised proposal with less density in single-family residential portions and minimization of tree cutting and land grading in those areas. The prospective developer (John Chilton) withdrew his proposal
before City Council’s second reading on the rezoning, so no final action
was taken.

Now a revised proposal has been submitted to the City, and a vote
(second reading on the rezoning) is scheduled for the May 4, 2009, City
Council meeting. The new proposal includes revised drawings and a
revised set of conditions for development. City staff is recommending

Council members particularly want to make sure that residents who previously
expressed concern about this development are aware that this matter is
before Council again — and have a chance to evaluate the new
proposal and express your views. The new proposal is outlined in the
City Council agenda package (available online) and a copy of the revised master plan has been made
available for public review in the City Clerk’s office (please call the
office ahead of time at 425-3411 if you want to stop in to review it).
Additionally, Mr. Ray Evans (who worked with Mr. Chilton on the new
proposal) has offered to talk or meet with residents to discuss the

I look forward to hearing people’s views about the revised proposal — and
please pass the word to your friends and neighbors.


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