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Busy evening

Tuesday evening shapes up as busy. First is a PlanET public forum, “What kind of East Tennessee do we want to pass on to our children?” or “Shared Values and Aspirations for 2040”, 5:30 PM at Anderson County High School. This is one of those events where people sit around a table and talk about their ideas, the comments get recorded, and finally all of the attendees vote on the top ideas. I find it interesting to listen to what people have to say. There’s some data on conditions in the 5-county region at http://www.planeasttn.org/, plus information on what people said at the first round of meetings — on the strengths and weaknesses of their communities and the region as a whole.

I expect to get to the forum for a little while, but I’ll need to bug out early for the City Council work session at 7 pm, back in Oak Ridge. I hope to see a lot of folks at Anderson County High School.


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