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Campaign Announcement 2018

I’m Ellen Smith, and I’m running for re-election to Oak Ridge City Council in the November 2018 election.

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost four years since November 2014, when I was elected to my current term on Oak Ridge City Council. It’s been gratifying to be a part of the current City Council. The seven members bring a range of different experiences and perspectives to the Council; all members have been working hard on behalf of the community; we work together effectively; and I believe that Oak Ridge has been experiencing positive change in many areas.

A few of the more visible changes include:

  • the new life we see in Oak Ridge’s retail sector (city government actions facilitate this)
  • plans to begin construction very soon on the long-deferred projects to replace the old preschool and senior center
  • reduced crime
  • projects to improve both traffic flow and pedestrian mobility.

There’s also been progress in less visible areas such as:

  • replacement of aging water-supply infrastructure
  • acquisition of software to replace the decades-old city accounting system and make our government work more efficiently for both government officials and citizens.

There is plenty of unfinished business, and there will be many more challenges and opportunities to address. I’m eager to remain on Council, to help continue our progress, and to advocate for citizens and for policies and actions that will sustain a quality community over the long term.


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