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Mall site TIF is a partnership to achieve community goals

This is a letter to the editor that I submitted to The Oak Ridge Observer on Tuesday. The editorial it responds to (expressing support for plans for mall redevelopment and tax increment financing to help pay for it) isn’t online, but the free paper is still on newsstands: To the editor: I thoroughly agree with […]


Whither retail in Oak Ridge?

This weekend, when it seems that most of America celebrates shopping, seems to inspire discussion of the perennial topic of “Oak Ridge retail”. My recent e-mail has included both (1) cheerleading for the 3/50 Project and (2) questions about the Oak Ridge city center development (why did the mall fail? what is the city going […]


“Green” energy for the Oak Ridge City Center (mall)?

Last week the local papers had some positive news regarding the Oak Ridge mall property: the prospective developers are doing test drilling for a “geothermal” HVAC system on the site. Of course, a “green” HVAC system is not much use at a shopping center unless the center has some commercial tenants to use the conditioned […]


Oak Ridge City Center (Mall) — is this progress?

For a long time, there have been hints that the long-awaited redevelopment of the Oak Ridge City Center (Mall) might begin soon. The latest hint comes from the Oak Ridge Fire Department, which has announced: “Starting MONDAY, JUNE 16, the OR MALL common areas will be closed to the public. Exterior doors will be locked […]


Some not-so-ancient history

An article and editorial in this past week’s editions of The Oak Ridger reported that Doug Janney of the city’s Industrial Development Board (IDB) had asked the owners of Oak Ridge City Center LLC if they still wanted the $5 million in development assistance promised earlier. These articles confused some people who remember the 2002 […]


Instead of Crestpointe, let’s redevelop the City Center

Previously I posted my views on the Crestpointe proposal. The obvious follow-up question is “What would you do instead?” My answer is “Let’s commit to redevelopment of the City Center.” A little history may be necessary to explain what I’m talking about… Back in 2000 the City (with the help of consultants) developed — and […]