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Our taste of winter

Icy fountain on the Oak Ridge Civic Center plaza, Jan. 17, 2009
As a transplanted northerner (and having spent 9 winters in the icebox region of Minnesota and Wisconsin), I figure that Tennessee doesn’t have “real winter.”

This weekend might be the closest thing we get to a taste of real winter this year. It’s already warned up a good bit since then, but in the cold on Saturday the fountain at the Oak Ridge Civic Center presented a weirdly icy scene.



  1. Ray Kircher says:

    It was a beautiful cold spell. We could use these more yearly to keep these pine beetles pushed out of our region and annoying outdoor insect numbers low. I’ve learned the cold keeps indigenous life healthy, yet being in Tennessee we need those hot ozone filled days of summer to keep our mountain’s namesake, Smokey Mountains. I believe nothing can be said more than fantastic of our four seasons here in East Tennessee, but I’m not yet ready for spring.

    Also, I see the Greening of Oak Ridge is already being distorted, please keep up the good work of planning for Oak Ridge. We haven’t had it for so long.

  2. Stan Mitchell says:

    Hey Ray,

    Since I still have to write an article about this for this week’s Observer, I’m curious about your comment about the Greening of Oak Ridge already being distorted.

    Can you elaborate so I don’t ignorantly add to this distortion?


    Stan Mitchell
    The Oak Ridge Observer
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