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Cedar Hill playground is alive and well as Fort Kid fades away

Children playing on the Cedar Hill Park Playground. Photo on http://www.easttennesseewildflowers.com.The morning news on WUOT included a report that the City of Knoxville is phasing out the popular Fort Kid playground near the World’s Fair site. It’s going to be replaced by a new playground on the Fair site, apparently one of the modern plastic and steel variety.

Fortunately for fans of amazing wooden playgrounds designed by local kids, the Cedar Hill Park Playground in Oak Ridge is not going away. The Cedar Hill playground (built in 1987) was the first of these wooden playgrounds in the Knoxville metro area, designed and built by community volunteers with the advice of the Robert Leathers organization, and soon it may be the only one.

The kids who designed the Cedar Hill playground as elementary school students are now well into adulthood, and last year the Recreation and Parks Department told the City Council budget committee that the playground is showing its age and needs continuing repairs, but it’s still open for the enjoyment of all.

The playground photo is from Kris Light’s website. See more of her photos of Cedar Hill at EastTennesseeWildflowers.com.


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