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Brenda Starr, Dick Tracy, and Gasoline Alley?

I do not feel good about the future of our local daily newspaper after seeing the new comics line-up in this morning’s Oak Ridger. I’ve followed Dick Tracy, Gasoline Alley, and Brenda Starr at various times in my life, but all were old strips long before my time, and I don’t recall reading any of them in over 30 years. I’m sure that these and the other strips that the paper has acquired are cheap, but I don’t see them helping to maintain the readership base.


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  1. Ray Kircher says:

    It may help. People’s interests are wide and varied, but investigative reporting is what the OakRidger is missing. There are many good stories in our city, and follow ups to what happens here. I believe the publisher living and being involved in another county is its main problem.

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