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Traffic cameras are coming online

E-mail from the city manager indicates that the Redflex traffic enforcement cameras are installed and being tested.  It looks like they will be ready to start issuing warnings some time later this week (the $50 penalties won’t come until after about a month of warnings-only operation).  Cameras at the Illinois-Robertsville and Turnpike-Lafayette intersections will monitor both red-light  compliance and speed, while the cameras on Robertsville Road near Willowbrook Elementary School and on Oak Ridge Turnpike next to Oak Ridge High School will just monitor speed.

Update on Tuesday, April 28 – Information we received today suggests that they won’t start issuing warnings until the week of May 11th.

Update on Saturday, May 2 – Information sent yesterday indicates that the red-light cameras are now running — for testing and for issuing warnings.  (It looks like I was right the first time.)


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