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City Council candidates

With early voting under way, it’s high time for me to share my recommendations for City Council. I support the re-election of David Mosby and Tom Beehan, and I strongly recommend electing the newcomer Anne Garcia Garland.

Although I don’t always like their opinions, both Mosby and Beehan are knowledgeable, hard-working (not always in the public view), and thoughtful — I believe they both have the best interests of Oak Ridge citizens at heart. In my opinion, they have earned re-election.

Anne Garcia Garland is a smart and thoughtful woman whose diverse personal experiences, 20+ years of residence in Oak Ridge, and past involvement in and awareness of City affairs will stand her in good stead as a City leader. She will bring needed perspectives to Council as a proud cemesto homeowner (she lives in an “A” house on Outer Drive), an experienced small business owner, and someone who has worked as an accountant — and as a retiree, she has the time to devote to public service. Furthermore, I’m gratified by her personal commitment to greening Oak Ridge. Anne and her husband have installed a photovoltaic solar generator on home and will soon be in the position of selling back electricity to the city’s utility grid as Oak Ridge’s first participants in the TVA Generation Partners program. Also, they have made land on Warehouse Road available for a community garden project.

As for the other candidates, take your pick (or just vote for those you like). I have some preferences among the others, but I see potential merit in all of them — and I can imagine working productively with all of them as fellow Council members. The two voter forums I attended were informative — Angi Agle’s “live blog” of the recent League of Women Voters forum on her blog is a good resource.


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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Ellen. I always enjoy reading your perspective.

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