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Musing on election results

The suspense has ended — the election results are in. That’s a relief. With the large field and low turnout, I didn’t know what to expect in the results, but I think the city made out OK in the end. My preferred Council candidates won, and I’m particularly pleased that Anne Garcia Garland will be joining the City Council.

I’m intrigued by the numbers — the unofficial results from local news media. Elected to Council were:
Tom Beehan 2,048 votes
David Mosby 1,902
Jane Miller 1,724
Anne Garcia Garland 1,503

Other people receiving votes: Eric Tobler, 1,353; Tony Turner, 1,052; Martin McBride 1,038; Jimmy Bouchard, 976; John Alex Groff, 792; Rick Hasbrouck, 460. Audrey Overbury, who withdrew but remained on the ballot, got 174 votes. There had been a strong current of anti-incumbent sentiment in the community, and non-incumbents actually outpolled incumbents by 7,348 total votes to 5,674 votes for incumbents. However, incumbent Tom Beehan was picked by more than 50% of the voters, and if there was an anti-incumbent vote, it was divided among too many different candidates to be effective.

Elected to the three board of education seats were:
Bob Eby 2,345 votes
Dan DiGregorio 2,227
Jenny Richter 1,793

Others receiving votes for school board of education: John Soldano, 1,765; Brenda Fellner, 1,331; and Brandi Funk (who had withdrawn but remained on the ballot), 186.

Turnout was low at 3,834, and the individual vote counts were much higher in 2005 and 2007. In June 2005 (when turnout was considered disappointingly low at 3,944 voters), Willie Golden was the top vote-getter for City Council with 2819 votes (he got votes from almost 71% of the people who voted), Tom Beehan’s total exceeded his total this year by more than 500 votes, and 5 of the 6 candidates had more votes than this year’s top vote-getter for Council:

Tom Beehan – 2597
Willie Golden – 2819
Martin McBride – 1225
Jane Miller – 2490
David Mosby – 2306
Ellen Smith – 2218

For School Board in June 2005, two candidates (DiGregorio and Richter) exceeded Bob Eby’s total as this year’s top vote-getter:
Dan DiGregorio – 2764
Charlie Hughey – 657
Jenny Richter – 2486
John Smith – 2107
Bill Zulliger – 2006

The June 2007 election had healthy turnout with 6,414 voters, undoubtedly due to the Crestpointe bond referendum. Five of the seven Council candidates (running for 3 seats) ended up with more votes than Tom Beehan had as this year’s top vote-getter:
Fred Childress 2,215
Ella Hawkins Dubose 806
Ray Evans 2,308
Tom Hayes 3,644
Charlie Hensley 3,074
Jerry Marrow 1,080
Ellen Smith 3,177

All three school board candidates in June 2007 (running for two seats) outpolled this year’s top vote-getter, Bob Eby:
Angi Agle 3,910
Keys Fillauer 4,436
Aaron Wells 2,366


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