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Better news for animal welfare

Good news from Kristin Olsen of the Humane Society of Anderson County:
Due to the overwhelming response and concern for continuing our neuter/spay program, we have met and revamped our program to help those in need.

We will continue to offer financial assistance to Anderson County residents. Requests will be made in person on the last Saturday of the month at the Humane Society Flea Market located at 372 Warehouse Road in Oak Ridge. A $10 donation will be requested. Twenty approvals will be issued each month.

We still need the support of the Anderson County Commission that helps our program each year, donations and memberships. We are also open to sponsorships from companies or individuals.

We also have our pet pantry to help families feed their pets, doghouses to help those out in inclement weather and still go into schools to teach students about being kind to their pet and the responsibilities of having a pet.

If you have any questions or would like to donate or know someone that we can help in our community, please call 381-1550.

The Humane Society Serving all of Anderson County

Congratulations to Kristin on this good result — less than 2 weeks after the news that the spay-neuter program would be suspended.


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