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A chicken coop at every house?

Sign at Peggy Hanrahans Realty Center promoting a chicken coop with every home sale
No, I don’t believe that everyone in Oak Ridge wants to keep chickens, but Peggy Hanrahan’s Realty Center seems to be open to the idea — their business sign is advertising a free chicken coop with every house sold…

This is in keeping with the goals of the Oak Ridgers who would like to keep backyard chickens — they are thinking in terms of pets that lay eggs, not full-scale poultry farming. Not everyone would want backyard chickens, but not everyone wants a pet dog, either. If Oak Ridge doesn’t make it explicitly legal to keep chickens — under certain rules designed to protect the neighborhood, I have a hunch that people will keep them anyway, but without rules.



  1. Angi Agle says:

    The sign is tacky, and needs to come down. Although I support making it legal to keep a few hens under controlled conditions, this is not the kind of advertising we need in the middle of town.

  2. stan says:

    Peggy sells Chicken Coops. Awesome.

  3. Stan Mitchell says:

    Just noticed this post. Let the record show that I’m not the Stan who wrote the above comment.

    Stan Mitchell
    Oak Ridge

  4. Ellen Smith says:

    I knew the difference, Stan Mitchell. I guess guys named “Stan” are less unique than you might think.

    There were several comments at Facebook, too:

    Nancy wrote:
    How about a free house with every chicken coop sold?

    Trina wrote:
    I could be wrong, but I thought that her intent was to send a message to council.

    Michael Minor wrote:
    I’ll sign up for a free house with a chicken coup!

    Nancy wrote (to Trina):
    Of course you’re not wrong – she wants to send a message to council. We understand that.

    Diane wrote:
    I could go for a free house with a purchase of a chicken coop as well! Wait – has inflation hit chicken coops, too?

    James wrote:
    Since the bottom dropped out of the market, houses and chicken coups cost about the same.

    Ellen says:
    I don’t know what message Peggy was trying to send, but she’s succeeded in getting some public attention. Can’t blame her for that.

    All this talk of the relationship between houses and chicken coops is reminding me of the 1973 comic movie “Bread and Chocolate’ (here’s the Wikipedia article about it) in which there are scenes of Italian “guest workers” in Switzerland who resort to living in a chicken coop.

  5. stan says:

    “I guess guys named “Stan” are less unique than you might think.”

    no doubt

  6. Rob Gunter says:

    Here is hoping we can get the chickens legal. I think the problem has been the apparent interest in creating a bureaucracy to manage it. I think a set of rules is more than sufficient. Any complaints can be sent to animal control for processing relative to the “rules”.

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