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Budget passed on first reading

City Council passed the budget unanimously on first reading at our meeting Monday night.  Discussion was lengthy, and many amendments were proposed, but the only actual change in expenditures from the proposed budget was a $3,500 increase in funding for a social services program operated by Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties (ADFAC). The City’s certified tax rate after reappraisal is expected to be $2.39 — that’s the property tax rate that will bring in the same total amount of tax (on properties on the books last year) as last year’s $2.77 rate.  Council’s budget calls for a $2.39 rate.

Our property tax assessment notice arrived in Monday’s mail. The appraisal is up by a little more than 13%, which apparently is below the citywide average increase.  I have a hunch that the larger increases are on newer construction.


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