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Cougars again — if they’re in Wisconsin, why not East Tennessee?

I’ve blogged in the past about rumors and sightings of cougars in and near Oak Ridge. Somebody always debunks the reports, but it’s hard to stop wondering if these big cats are really “out there”. Now here’s a credible tale (DNA-confirmed, even!) of cougars  in Wisconsin: Wisconsin DNR News: DNA analysis confirms four cougars in state within last two years. Wisconsin is another place where cougars aren’t “supposed” to be — if they can make it there, can they make it here, too?

If they are here (an exciting, but unnerving, idea), we can take a little bit of reassurance from this comment by a cougar biologists from the Black Hills of South Dakota: “We’ve never had anyone fatally attacked by a mountain lion. Your chance of even seeing a mountain lion, in mountain lion country, is a million to one.

Thanks to Barb B for sharing that item on Facebook.


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