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Service outage during changeover of City of Oak Ridge website

The City is upgrading its internet services this weekend, but websites and email (including messages to the City Council addresses on the cortn.org domain) are likely to be offline most of the weekend. Anticipating that people will be wondering what’s going on, I’m posting an excerpt from the announcement I received from Oak Ridge City staff:

There will be an interruption in internet services beginning Friday,
November 4th, 2011, at 5pm and continuing until 7am on Monday, November 7th.
This will include access to our website and all services found within.
Some services could begin to reappear on Sunday.

During this period we will be in the process of changing internet
service providers. This move will increase our internet bandwidth from
9mb to 50mb. Multiple other changes will also be accomplished in
conjunction with this changeover.


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