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Online survey on waterfront pavilion

November 30 is the deadline for input in the City’s survey on the design of the planned pavilion at Melton Lake Park. It’s a bit hard to find on the City website, so I’ll provide links to background on the project and possible design concepts,  sketches of possible building shapes (see the background paper for some photos), the descriptions of the design concepts and possible features (scroll down to “Waterfront”) as well as links to the other pages, and the survey itself.

I like the short list of design concepts that the Recreation and Parks Board has settled on. I know they’ve considered construction cost, maintenance cost, functionality, and aesthetics, and I think they’ve identified some options that do an excellent job of balancing all three of these. Their recommended designs include clerestory roofs that will increase light levels inside the pavilion as well as adding aesthetic value.

Public input will  help give confidence that the final decision is one that Oak Ridgers will be happy with. UT-Batelle donated funding for construction, which is something I expect most residents will be very happy with.


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