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Voter identification requirements in Tennessee

This is “to all Tennessee voters” from the League of Women Voters of Oak Ridge:

A new law passed by the Tennessee State Legislature requires that registered voters present a GOVERNMENT ISSUED photo identification in order to vote. There are about 500,000 Tennessee citizens who do not have a valid photo ID and will be turned away from the polls, if they come to vote. Of these about 130,000 registered Tennessee voters do NOT have a photo on their driver’s license. Registered voters who do NOT have a photo on their driver’s license or a passport (an expired license or passport will do) or other government issued photo ID, may visit their local Department of Motor Vehicles OR their County Clerk for a free photo ID, (by the way, a college ID or other non-government issued ID will not be accepted). If you need assistance with this issue, contact the League of Women Voters of Oak Ridge at telephone: 865.685.5989 and E-mail: lwvor@comcast.net. Elections in 2012 are March 6, August 2, and November 6.


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