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One mystery solved

Now I know why Bethel Valley Road was blocked last Tuesday when I was trying to drive into Oak Ridge from my office to attend the League of Women Voters luncheon. From Frank Munger’s blog, I learned that the two military helicopters that flew in low over my head and landed somewhere ahead of me were ferrying some top military brass to ORNL for a briefing.

I eventually made it to the LWV luncheon (late) by turning around and driving the “back way” into Oak Ridge, and heard Steve Stow (a former colleague) at ORNL discuss long-term stewardship for the “environmental legacy” conditions on the Oak Ridge Reservation. Having been engaged with the topicĀ  of stewardship for a number of years, I’m glad I managed to get there (in spite of the helicopters), as it reminded me of a number of unresolved issues and I got to hear people’s questions and comments.



  1. Mike Taylor says:

    I was searching ‘environmental cleanup’ and ran across your posts.
    This is totally off topic, but since this one was on ‘one mystery solved’ and you are the local expert, I have to ask.
    Can you tell me anything about a spy at the lab being caught when the gardener dug up some kind of evidence? I overheard some folks at the next table in L.A. the other night talking about that. It was so off the wall I assume it has to be based in fact. One of them dropped a card with this address on it (http://realestateoakridge.com/) so I guess something is going on. I couldn’t tell if they were talking about a history or fiction movie, and I couldn’t find anything like on the net. Is this some real event or had the writers getting desperate?

  2. Ellen Smith says:

    Sounds like fiction to me, possibly related to the book “Bones of Betrayal” by the Jefferson Bass writing team.

  3. Mike Taylor says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply, Ellen. I knew you figure this one out too! Thanks – that has saved me hours of googling ;)


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