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Police seminar on preventing tragedy

An opportunity that may interest many Oak Ridgers these days:

The Oak Ridge Police Department will host a public informational seminar, Preventing Tragedy: A Community United, Monday, April 15, 2013 at The New Hope Center, 602 Scarboro Road from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has stimulated a broad nationwide discussion aimed at preventing future such events. This seminar is designed to make citizens aware of possible warning signs of violent behavior and a plan for how to alert the proper agency. Topics of discussion will be mental and emotional health, precautions, and solutions. City residents, employers, and employees in Oak Ridge are encouraged to attend.

Speakers will include Jim Akagi, Oak Ridge Chief of Police, Ben Harrington, Executive Director of the Mental Health Association of East Tennessee, and Andy Burr LPC, Ridgeview Psychiatric Center.

Light refreshments will be served at 5:00 pm in the lobby and there will also be informational booths set up. Pre-registration can be made by emailing preventingtragedy@ridgevw.com.  

For more information visit the city website www.oakridgetn.gov.


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