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Where black bears come from

Black bear sightings are almost getting to be routine around here. This cartoon is topical. (It’s been shared on Facebook — wish I could tell where it originally came from.) Update: Thanks to Linda Mann for finding the source: This is by Adrian Raeside and was published on his website at http://raesidecartoon.com/dbtest/images/1/2961.gif




  1. Kit says:

    Thanks Ellen….I thought it was appropriate after the uproar about the bears….

  2. Nancy England says:

    Ellen, I can’t get the Subscribe to your Blog to cooperate. Is there some way of subscribing other than poking the ‘subscribe here’ button? Maybe I don’t have RSS.

    Other than that, I am totally in awe of how hard you work and how thorough you are!

  3. Ellen Smith says:

    Hi, Nancy. Ideally, you need a technogeek to truly answer your question, and I’m not the techno geek in my family. Regardless, I’ll try my best… (I’ve generally assumed that people who subscribe to RSS feeds know what to do. Most of the people of my acquaintance who subscribe to RSS feeds from blogs like mine are in the journalism trade — and subscribing to RSS feeds is something they need to know how to do to survive in that field.)

    The short answer to your question is that the “subscribe here” button should work if you have some sort of a “feed reader” enabled on your computer or online. The feed readers that I have used most (which isn’t much) are free plug-ins for the Firefox browser. When I subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed, the feed reader periodically grabs new content from the feed and loads it into a browser bookmark. When I open that bookmark, I see a list of short blurbs (headlines and a bit of text) for the most recent posts on that particular blog. Clicking on a blurb opens that item on the website. Microsoft Outlook also works as a feed reader — each subscribed blog gets its own Outlook mail folder. Yahoo! has an online feed reader that grabs content from multiple blogs and display it on a personalized web page.

    Let’s continue this conversation by email.

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