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Special recycling event today (Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014)

Celebrate America Recycles Day — Sponsored by Keep Anderson County Beautiful

Saturday November 8, 2014

10 AM to 2 PM

95 Oak Ridge Turnpike in Oak Ridge (next to Willow Ridge Nursery)

Materials to be Collected for Recycling:
Computers and peripherals (processors (CPUs), optical drives (CDROM, CDRW, DVD, etc), network and communications hardware (modems, routers, hubs, etc), drives (hard drives, floppy), keyboards, laptops, mice, monitors, network hardware (servers), paper tape readers and punchers, plotters, printers, tape

Home Electronics:
No “white goods” (no refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.)

We do accept TV’s (flat panel, plasma,LCD’s etc but NO TV cabinetry), microwaves, mixers, phones (corded, cordless, and cellular), entertainment goods (VCRs, DVD players, radios, speakers.
Please Note: $20 charge for CRT (wide) computer monitors & TVs (because of toxic screen phosphors and lead)

Personal documents for shredding (sponsored by ORNL Federal Credit Union)

Used rechargeable batteries (no alkaline or auto batteries)

Cell phones

Compact fluorescent bulbs (no long tubes)

Books (no textbooks, please!)



The modern world has arrived — no O.R. trash collection on holidays

A City of Oak Ridge press release today reports that our trash collectors are going to start taking holidays — basically, joining the rest of modern workers. Until now, Thanksgiving and Christmas have been the only weekdays when trash wasn’t collected. Starting with July 4, they are also going to get a day off on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Thirty years ago we moved into our new house on Labor Day weekend. We were astonished when the trash collectors arrived Monday morning (Labor Day) to collect our trash. In our previous life in the northern U.S., we were accustomed to service workers getting the day off on days like Labor Day. It’s hardly surprising that the modern innovation of holidays has arrived in East Tennessee, but surprising that it took so long.

After a holiday happens, the trash will still get picked up, but pickups for the rest of the week will be one day later than usual.

Here’s the press release:

Waste Connections, the City of Oak Ridge’s waste contractor, will be expanding their holiday schedule for residential solid waste collection and curbside recycling pick-up to include more holidays as provided for in their contract with the City.
The holiday schedule will now include News Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day in addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Waste Connection’s new holiday schedule will start on Monday, July 4, 2011 (Independence Day).
Saturdays will be used as a make-up collection day for weeks that have a holiday. As this year’s Independence Day falls on a Monday, collection services would not take place until the following day, with Tuesday routes collected on Wednesday and so on with Friday routes being collected on Saturday.
“This eliminates the confusion for residents as to when to set their refuse and recyclables out when a holiday is involved. It will also allow Waste Connections employees to enjoy holidays with their families,” explained Gary Cinder, Public Works Director.
If residents have any additional questions about the new holiday schedule, please contact the Public Works Department at (865) 425-1875.

I hope the trash collectors and their families enjoy having an occasional day off!


America Recycles – Saturday, November 13, 2010

This coming Saturday, area residents can drop off fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and cell phones for recycling at the Oak Ridge Wal-Mart store, where Keep Anderson County Beautiful and Anderson County Solid Waste will be celebrating America Recycles Day with a collection event and educational activities for kids. It’s scheduled from 10 am to 2 pm.


What people are redeeming their RecycleBank rewards points for

City Council received a report the other day on what Tennesseans (mostly in Oak Ridge and Jefferson City) redeemed their RecycleBank rewards points for in April.

My household hasn’t redeemed any of our RecycleBank rewards points yet, and it looks like we’re in the majority — fewer than 1500 rewards were redeemed in April (some by households that got more than one reward).

It was interesting to see what other people are choosing, as it gave me hints on the most attractive “deals.”

After seeing that Kashi products (free items such as granola, granola bars, and pilaf) are the number one choice (more than one in five of the rewards ordered were from this vendor), I looked into their reward offers and decided that we need to use some of our points to try some of their products.

Ruby Tuesday was the second most popular vendor, with some “buy one, get one free” coupons that appealed to nearly 200 Tennessee households during April. Food City was high on the list of popular vendors with their offer to exchange points for reusable cloth shopping bags.

It was great to see Oak Ridge ice cream destination Razzleberry’s in 5th place with a couple of yummy offers to entice people into their Jackson Square store.

Several other Oak Ridge businesses were popular choices, including Moondollars Cafe in Jackson Square, Firehouse Subs, and Venice Pizza. (Do I see a food theme here?)

ADDED June 10: Several people commented on this item over at Facebook. Tom Beehan said he had used some points for the Epicurean, Kelly Ayers said Moondollars has been getting some redemptions, and Cyndy Bailes says she has redeemed points for Moondollars and Naturally Gourmet. That food theme is going strong.